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Yuriy Treyman – Leading coordinator

Nadezhda Pavlova –
Leading coordinator, Curator, Public Relations


Yavor Popov –
Velichka Todorova –

By filling of the application form above and uploading of the required files, I/we agree and sign a Declaration of Agreement to participate in the European Month of Photography 2022, through which the participant/s assume the obligation to use the approved templates for posters and invitations of the National Academy of Photography, as well as to explicitly announce in all their media coverage that the exhibit/event is part of the European Month of Photography organized by the Academy of Photography Bulgaria “Yanka Kyurkchieva”. The APB is a non-profit association and the European Month of Photography is not a trademark, registered for commercial purposes. Thus, in the sense of the commercial interpretations of the media, references to it shall not be removed from publications and broadcasts on the basis of restrictions in mentioning commercial trademarks.

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